Darjeeling, 2019

I completed my first degree (BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Biochemistry) at Keele University in 2011 and then headed off to the University of St Andrews to work on my doctoral studies, where I utilised solid-state NMR spectroscopy for the structural investigation of microporous and dense-phase materials (link). After successfully defending my doctoral thesis in December 2015, I won the EPRSC Postdoctoral Fellowship Prize to continue on with my doctoral research for one additional year.

In September 2016, I moved back to Keele University to work with the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences in furthering their implementation of their new 9.4 T solid-state NMR spectrometer by investigating the structure of silicon-based zeolites.

In August 2017, I launched down a new path of discovery and learning by teaching students chemistry (and I guess to some extent, general science) between ages 11-18. I graduated in July 2018 with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and Qualified Teacher Status from Keele University ( and The OAKS (, respectively.

Presently I am working at a private all-boys senior school in Kent. It is at this school that I completed the Newly Qualified Teacher course in September 2020. 

For my publications list, click here.